AEDAEN: Artists' FAQ / Your obligations as an artist

How are sales made?

Following an order of one of your works, you will immediately receive a confirmation email so that you can confirm the availability of the work.
The availability of the work must be confirmed within 5 days. If you fail to reply within this period, the work is deemed unavailable and the order is then cancelled. 

Simultaneously to validating the availability of the work, you must issue your invoice which you will send to the buyer along with the delivery of the work.
You are solely responsible for the VAT rate applied, determined according to the rules applicable to the sale concerned.

See our General Conditions of Use for more information.

How does the delivery take place?

You are responsible for shipping the works appearing on the AEDAEN site.
When you place your works online, you must indicate the delivery rates, including tax, that you want to apply according to the buyer's country of destination.

Two separate delivery rates:
- either delivery in the Artist's country
- or delivery in the rest of the world

You are free to offer delivery costs by directly including them in your sale price, indicating as appropriate "free shipping".

You undertake to ship the work ordered within 10 days following confirmation of the order.

See our General Conditions of Use for more information.

How and when do I get paid?

After the 14-day withdrawal period to which the buyer is entitled, AEDAEN sends you the payment of the sale price of your work, after deducting its commission, subject to receipt of the work by the buyer.

Please note that the commission is equal to 30%, excluding VAT (plus the applicable VAT, i.e. currently 20%) of the sale price of the work, including VAT and excluding shipping costs.

See our General Conditions of Use for more information.


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