The digital era
working for art

Why exhibit your work on AEDAEN?

AEDAEN positions itself alongside artists:

A committee of professionals of the worlds of art studies and validates if necessary your applications.

A platform for presenting and selling works from your practice.

The opportunity to participate in a project that emerges in parallel galleries, art centers, sale rooms and artists run space.

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Through the Internet, the art market is undergoing a revolution

It has seen the emergence of new ways of acquiring works for collectors and thus new opportunities for artists.

Why buy works on AEDAEN?

AEDAEN speaks to art collectors looking for emerging talents, as well to amateurs looking for advice. AEDAEN offers them to buy the artwork of artists we have chosen for the relevance of their approach and their artistic commitment within the worlds of art.

AEDAEN gives artists the tools to accompany them in the sale of their works and intends to follow a genuine approach, and not a purely cosmetic one.


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