AEDAEN: Artists' FAQ / Sell on AEDAEN

Why sell on AEDAEN?

AEDAEN offers a new way of selling art by positioning itself alongside you and by giving you the keys to sell your works directly to art lovers. Through its platform, AEDAEN offers you a space of promotion and visibility, allowing you to describe your profile, your project, your events and above all to present your works in order to sell them. AEDAEN stands apart by its collaboration with a committee of experts from the world of art that insure the profiles' validation and support the artists on the website.
AEDAEN is a platform accessible to artists from all backgrounds, without any particular constraints as regards qualifications or experience. Each application is carefully reviewed by our artistic committee, which assesses the quality of the works and of the artistic project.

How can I join the AEDAEN community?

To join AEDAEN, simply register online, validate your email address and follow the various publication stages: your personal information, your artist profile, your works, your payment information. You can also complete your profile by entering your references and events you participate or have participated in. Your profile must be completed by at least 70% to be submitted to our artistic committee.
This committee is composed of experts from the world of art.

What type of works can I sell on AEDAEN?

Each artist can post different types of original works: paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, engravings, sculptures, mixed techniques, etc.
Please consult the General Conditions of Use for more information on the publication charter and legal regulations that apply.

Can I sell my photographs on AEDAEN?

Yes, you can sell your photographs on AEDAEN. For a photo to be considered an original work, it must be printed in a maximum number of 30 copies, any size any medium/support, all numbered and signed by you. You are responsible for making your own prints in case of an order.

Is publication on the AEDAEN platform a paying service?

AEDAEN positions itself alongside artists. Therefore, the publication of your profile is free, provided it is validated by our artistic committee.
AEDAEN is only paid by a commission on the sales you make through our site.
See our General Conditions of Use for more information.

How many works can I publish?

You can reference as many works as you want.

Can I publish my application if my works are already exhibited in a gallery?

AEDAEN requires no exclusivity, but you are responsible for the availability of the works you offer for sale.
Make sure that the price offered for a work on AEDAEN is consistent with the one you apply elsewhere.

I no longer wish to appear on AEDAEN. What should I do?

Simply send us an email to You will be unsubscribed within 10 days, provided that you have no orders or withdrawal period in progress.


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