AEDAEN: Artists FAQ / Pack and ship your works

Advices for preparation

The packaging has to be suitable for the type and weight of the work you want to send.

The package
Your works have to be in damping-resistant and cardboard boxes of superior quality in order to prevent them from deterioration. Make sure to have good protection on corners and edges as well. Ideally, use a brand new box.

Works’ protection inside the package
Any free space inside a package must be filled with suitable stuffing (for example, bubble wrap). The works should not move inside the box. Also, it should not have any contact between the work and the exterior of the package.

Choose an adhesive tape to seal your package. Think about using a very resistant tape for heavy and big packages.

Label on the box
Make sure the label is visible and the address’ recipient is correct.

See our General Conditions of Use for more information.

Your work's shipment

You are responsible for shipping your works sold to buyers. If you choose a delivery or logistic service, remember that you engage your responsibility and ensure that your customers receive the work in perfect condition.

Here is some useful links to calculate your delivery fess and organize the shipment:






Once you’ve chosen your shipping company, AEDAEN highly recommends you to subscribe to the insurance options suggested by the company and adapted to the value of the work.

See our General Conditions of Use for more information.


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